Best marketing practices for Cyber Monday & Black Friday pages

black-friday-cyber-mondayThe end of the year holiday period is a top time for many retailers with special deals events such as Cyber Monday & Black Friday.

As a business, you can help Google highlight your sales events by offering landing web pages with applicable content and HQ imagery.

Best Practices

The following are the recommended best tactics for your landing web pages:

Produce the content ahead of time. Ensure you produce content well before the event so Googlebot has time to detect and index the new content. Ensure you are not blocking Google from indexing the URL (the Google URL Inspection Tool should be considered to verify this).
Stick to standard SEO best practices.
Link to the web pages from your home page (or similar) to improve their importance, helping visitors (and Google) discover the web page faster.
Use an original URL, not a new URL for every occurrence of the sale. Provide the web page of original events a descriptive URL that displays the event that is used each year (for example use /promo/cyber-monday, not /promo/event/cyber-monday).
Incorporate an applicable, high-quality picture. Provide a static picture with an up-to-date representation of your event. Tidy any whitespace surrounding the boundaries of the picture, and ensure that the picture is visually engaging and is of high-quality.
Submit the page to Google using re-crawl requests in Google search console. After you’ve tested your structured data for validity, ask Google to recrawl your content to get your page updated more promptly.

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