HTTPS SSL is a Ranking Signal – HTTPS Migration

by Peter Voynov on August 14, 2014

On 08/06/14 Google announces a new major change that will force the entire industry to switch to SSL / HTTPS across the board. I don’t think anyone was taken by surprise, but HTTPS https-seo-sslbecame a new ranking signal in Google’s algorithm.  HTTPS was a consistent trend in Google in the past couple of years and it’s going to continue growing, because Google believes that security is their top priority. Forcing SSL means that Google Search and Google products users will automatically have a secure connection. [click to continue…]


SEO Redirects

by Peter Voynov on July 28, 2014

301 Redirect SEOWhat is a URL Redirect?

In simple terms a Redirect is a process of forwarding one URL to another URL. It redirects users as well as search bots. In other words, when someone is trying to access URL , server will redirect user to the new URL.

Types of Redirects

There are three types of redirects:

  1. 301 Permanent Redirect is the most common one, and is used in 97% of all cases and it’s the most SEO friendly way of redirecting pages. 301 redirects refers to the HTTP server response code which means “Moved Permanently”. 301 redirect is used.
  2. 302 Temporary Redirect  – The requested URL resides temporarily under a different URL. It’s only used if you want to move content temporarily for a short period of time.
  3. META refresh is a page level redirect, meaning that the page instructs the browser to refresh using a different URL. It may look like a redirect, but in reality it’s just a browser refresh. It’s not SEO friendly and it’s not recommended in 99.9% all redirect cases.

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hash-mark-campaign-trackingWhen it comes to campaign tracking, Google Analytics is very good at doing that.  Campaign tracking is relatively easy, but in some cases campaign tracking parameters may cause duplicated content problems, so in order to prevent duplicated content problem I recommend adding hash marks.

Original URL:
URL with campaign tracking parameters

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URL Parameters In Google Webmaster Tools

by Peter Voynov on August 16, 2012

Google tech lead Maile Ohye posted a comprehensive video instructions on Google Webmaster Tools URL parameters usage.This is a fairly advanced feature and she recommends it for advanced users only. Incorrect usage of URL Parameters feature can result in page/site being dropped from Google’s index. Be careful!

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Google Analytics Image Load Tracking

by Peter Voynov on July 6, 2012

Image Load Tracking

If you want to track banners or images in your image gallery you can do it using Google Web Analytics, but it’s important to do it right otherwise you may end up inflating your metrics and can screw up your web analytics data. Please note, the intent of this process is to track Image loads, not Image Downloads. Image tracking is not included with Google analytics by default, but there is a way of tracking image loads using Event Tracking.

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Today during the “Up Close With Bing Webmaster Tools” session with Duane Forrester, (Sr. Product Manager @Bing) at SMX Advanced 2012 Seattle, WA, Duane announced really good news. Bing rolled out an updated version of Bing Webmaster Tools with many extras. [click to continue…]


Matt Cutts Danny Sullivan SMX Advanced Seattle

You&A with Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan at SMX Advanced in Seattle, WA



During the You&A session with Matt Cutts and Danny Sullivan at SMX Advanced 2012 in Seattle, WA, Matt Cutts told everyone that a notification or a message  in Google Webmastertools account means that a manual action took place and you were penalized by Google. [click to continue…]


Google Knowledge Graph

May 18, 2012

Starting 05/16/2012 and rolling out to all data centers this week, Google has released search result update that is a change from Google being an “information agent” to a “knowledge agent”. Basically if you type in a query like “Rangers” (which could mean a solder, a New York based hockey team or a park keeper), […]

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Search Engine Over-Optimization Penalty

March 17, 2012

During a panel Search Engine Land’s Editor-In-Chief, Danny Sullivan and Microsoft’s Senior Product Marketing Manager of Bing at SXSW named Dear Google & Bing: Help Me Rank Better! Matt Cutts announced that “in the next months or few weeks” Google is planning to release a penalty for over-optimized sites.

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Bing Includes Health Related Articles On Bing Results

February 2, 2012

If you search for Cancer in Bing you will see a part of the health related article by Mayo Clinic and a link “Read the full article by Mayo Clinic” underneath it. Bing partnered with health content providers to enhance their health related SERPs

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