Top 10 Negative Google News Ranking Factors


The following factors were deemed to be the worst things you could do it your site as relates to Google News rankings:

Top 10 Negative Google News Ranking Factors:

1Duplicated ContentUsing plagiarized or scraped content on your
2Vague Abstract HeadlinesNo/weak keyword targeting in headlines
3No Google News Sitemap
4Poor Quality ContentThere’s no excuse for bad writing!
5Blocking Googlebot/Newsbot via robots or META tagsHard to believe this still happens. Go Checkyour robots.txt ?le asap.
6Slow Site and/or Lots of 500 Errors
7Poor CitationRankYour article/site is not deemed and authority on a topic as few 3rd party

sites link to you and/or

8Low ’PageRank” DomainIf your SEO program is not competitive, you will have a harder time 

ranking in Google News

9New SiteSites with low/no trust/history will have a harder time
10All Syndicated Content With The Same Titles As The Source Site


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