Digital SLR Camera Simulator

slr-camera-simulator    Digital SLR stands for digital single lens reflex, named because these cameras use a mirror located behind the lens to reflect light to the view finder. When photographer releases the shutter, camera’s mirror travels quickly out of the way, allowing light from the camera lens reflect directly to the sensor and  blacking out the view finder. The view finder in a camera contains a prism that rotates the image around so that photographer can see an image right side up and transfers it onto the  screen where photographer can see it. Using SLR camera is not an easy task, and using one with automatic options defeats the purpose of buying SLR camera. Continue reading

Better Page Titles in Google Search Results

Google Page Title Algorithm UpdatePage titles have always been a very important part of Google’s search results, because they are not only a part of  Google’s ranking algorithm, but they are also visible in search engine results and they’re the actual clickable links Google searchers click to reach sites. Many webmasters are curious about why Google sometimes show alternative titles in it’s search results. A lot of SEO specialists are pissed about this, but generally everyone will benefit from this update. Continue reading

Top 10 Negative Google News Ranking Factors


The following factors were deemed to be the worst things you could do it your site as relates to Google News rankings:

Top 10 Negative Google News Ranking Factors:

# Factor Description
1 Duplicated Content Using plagiarized or scraped content on your
2 Vague Abstract Headlines No/weak keyword targeting in headlines
3 No Google News Sitemap
4 Poor Quality Content There’s no excuse for bad writing!
5 Blocking Googlebot/Newsbot via robots or META tags Hard to believe this still happens. Go Checkyour robots.txt ?le asap.
6 Slow Site and/or Lots of 500 Errors
7 Poor CitationRank Your article/site is not deemed and authority on a topic as few 3rd party

sites link to you and/or

8 Low ’PageRank” Domain If your SEO program is not competitive, you will have a harder time 

ranking in Google News

9 New Site Sites with low/no trust/history will have a harder time
10 All Syndicated Content With The Same Titles As The Source Site


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Top 10 Most Important Google News Ranking Factors


The following are the most important factors for gaining high rankings in Google News as judged by the respondents:
# Factor Description
1 Category Authority The news source is known for its expertise on a particular topic (e.g. ESPN and Sports)
2 Keyword(s) in Headlines & Page Titles
3 Domain Authority The news source has strong SEO presence including strong inbound link profile, social
4 Social Sharing of Article Via Facebook & Twitter and maybe even Google+. Velocity is a factor.
5 First to Publish Story
6 Citation Rank The number of other high value sites that cite your article in their stories.
7 Unique Articles Original content with low/no use of other sites’ texts.
8 High CTR From Google News From both and other various Google SERPs.
9 High Quality Content As determined by Google News editorial evaluators.
10 Use of Google News XML Sitemaps


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Google Analytics Educational Videos

Google Analytics VideosIf you’ve recently set up Google Analytics, but aren’t sure how to start reading and acting on your web metrics, I’ve collected these official Google Analytics Videos to help you. These video tutorials are covering every aspect of SEO anything from GA introductions and tracking code installation to filtering and regular expressions.

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