Top 10 Most Important Google News Ranking Factors

by Peter Voynov on September 26, 2011


The following are the most important factors for gaining high rankings in Google News as judged by the respondents:
# Factor Description
1 Category Authority The news source is known for its expertise on a particular topic (e.g. ESPN and Sports)
2 Keyword(s) in Headlines & Page Titles
3 Domain Authority The news source has strong SEO presence including strong inbound link profile, social
4 Social Sharing of Article Via Facebook & Twitter and maybe even Google+. Velocity is a factor.
5 First to Publish Story
6 Citation Rank The number of other high value sites that cite your article in their stories.
7 Unique Articles Original content with low/no use of other sites’ texts.
8 High CTR From Google News From both and other various Google SERPs.
9 High Quality Content As determined by Google News editorial evaluators.
10 Use of Google News XML Sitemaps


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